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Initiate Smart Home: Step One

1 min read

It has been a dream to set up a for a while now. Thanks to an Amazon Prime Day deal, I managed to snag a Philips Hue Ministarter Kit.

Philips Hue MiniStarter Kit

Now that it's been set up, I guess it is time to configure some interesting things with it. I'm thinking of setting it up to flash blue whenever someone tags my photo in Facebook or maybe red whenever I miss a call... Need to look up #IFTTT recipes. :-)

The smell of freshly baked cookies welcoming you home is a great feeling....

No wonder how kind your kid is, the German children are always kinder…

The first thing I did upon landing on Mars just right after I stepped on to the surface was take a photo of a distant blue dot that was Earth 🌏 and wondering how long till it will be posted on Instagram...

gods in our dreams

1 min read

Who in their dreams is not omnipotent? If in sleep I grow wings and fly high above the land, it does not mean I will awaken cloaked in feathers. We are gods in our dreams. Disaster strikes when we come to believe the same is true in our real lives. ― Steven Erikson, Dust of Dreams


Danny Boy by Lisa Hannigan

1 min read

A very beautiful haunting rendition of  a traditional song...

Frozen Hot Chocolate with Cauliflower

1 min read

Who knew cauliflower would taste so good... For breakfast... Frozen Hot Chocolate with cauliflower...

State of Crimes in India

1 min read

An interesting data-visualisation of crime in India...