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The evening commute was brightened up by a rainbow in the east and cloud iridescence in the west. #☁️

Trying to rescue someone from a haunted house. The 👹 was super scary — looked like a video game monster. Had two variations of the same dream...<p> </p>

Finally getting around to watching the Peter Capaldi seasons... <p> </p>

TAR files ≠ ZIP files
TAR.GZ files ≈ ZIP files

A traffic signal is definitely not the place to scratch your crotch itch...

Initiate Smart Home: Step One

1 min read

It has been a dream to set up a for a while now. Thanks to an Amazon Prime Day deal, I managed to snag a Philips Hue Ministarter Kit.

Philips Hue MiniStarter Kit

Now that it's been set up, I guess it is time to configure some interesting things with it. I'm thinking of setting it up to flash blue whenever someone tags my photo in Facebook or maybe red whenever I miss a call... Need to look up #IFTTT recipes. :-)

The smell of freshly baked cookies welcoming you home is a great feeling....

No wonder how kind your kid is, the German children are always kinder…