Wonder Woman/Conan by Gail Simone

Wonder Woman/Conan by Gail Simone by Gail Simone
Fan-favorite WONDER WOMAN writer Gail Simone is back in this epic crossover event that joins the greatest warrior in the DC Universe and one of the most famous characters in pop culture in WONDER WOMAN/CONAN! Conan the Barbarian arrives on the shores of an unknown land, exhausted and wounded, and soon meets the city's most fearsome arena fighter--Wonder Woman. Ill-fated circumstances force them both into slavery. As they attempt to free themselves from the grips of the rich and powerful slave owner Dellos, a dark magic descends upon their land, a presence that wants to destroy them both. The two greatest fighters of their respective eras, Conan and Princess Diana, unite to battle an enemy who wants to destroy them both.

Read as single issues. Collects issues 1-6 of Wonder Woman/Conan.

Imagine the princess from Themyscira meeting the barbarian from Cimmeria… fighting together as partners and fighting each other as foes…