We are all trapped in the β€œFeed”

That’s what I feel when I look at social media. I’ve stopped looking at it constantly and scheduled it to twice or thrice a day.
We are all trapped in the β€œFeed” (Om on Tech)

No matter where I go on the Internet, I feel like I am trapped in the β€œfeed,” held down by algorithms that are like axes trying to make bespoke shirts out of silk. And no one illustrates it better than Facebook and Twitter, two more services that should know better, but they don’t. Fake news, unintelligent information and radically dumb statements are getting more attention than what matters. The likes, retweets, re-posts are nothing more than steroids for noise. Even when you are sarcastic in your retweets or re-shares, the system has the understanding of a one-year-old monkey baby: it is a vote on popularity.