๐Ÿ“š The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

Started and Completed reading on December 28, 2018.
The Ghost Brigades by an author

The Ghost Brigades are the Special Forces of the Colonial Defense Forces, elite troops created from the DNA of the dead and turned into the perfect soldiers for the CDF’s toughest operations. Theyโ€™re young, theyโ€™re fast and strong, and theyโ€™re totally without normal human qualms.

The universe is a dangerous place for humanityโ€”and it’s about to become far more dangerous. Three races that humans have clashed with before have allied to halt our expansion into space. Their linchpin: the turncoat military scientist Charles Boutin, who knows the CDFโ€™s biggest military secrets. To prevail, the CDF must find out why Boutin did what he did.

Jared Dirac is the only human who can provide answers — a superhuman hybrid, created from Boutin’s DNA, Jaredโ€™s brain should be able to access Boutin’s electronic memories. But when the memory transplant appears to fail, Jared is given to the Ghost Brigades.

At first, Jared is a perfect soldier, but as Boutinโ€™s memories slowly surface, Jared begins to intuit the reasonโ€™s for Boutinโ€™s betrayal. As Jared desperately hunts for his “father,” he must also come to grips with his own choices. Time is running out: The alliance is preparing its offensive, and some of them plan worse things than humanityโ€™s mere military defeatโ€ฆ