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The loose endings from the earlier The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly are tied up neatly in this one. I wonder what adventures still await Charlie Parker and his friends next.

Started and Competed Reading on April 28, 2019
Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by KJ Parker

A siege is approaching, and the city has little time to prepare. The people have no food and no weapons, and the enemy has sworn to slaughter them all.

To save the city will take a miracle, but what it has is Orhan. A colonel of engineers, Orhan has far more experience with bridge-building than battles, is a cheat and a liar, and has a serious problem with authority. He is, in other words, perfect for the job.

Sixteen Ways To Defend a Walled City is the story of Orhan, son of Siyyah Doctus Felix Praeclarissimus, and his history of the Great Siege, written down so that the deeds and sufferings of great men may never be forgotten.