📚 The Innocent Ones by Robert Gregory Browne

Running Time: 10 hrs and 43 mins

Started Listening: October 14, 2019
Finished Listening: October 30, 2019

This version of The Innocent Ones features a soundtrack that includes music and sound effects designed to enhance the listening experience.

I got this book for free as part of an Audible promotion.

The Innocent Ones (Audible.com)

Assistant District Attorney Beth Crawford and her sister, Jen, take a much needed vacation in Baja, California, but the fun in the sun doesn’t last long when Jen disappears without a trace on the streets of Playa del Sol. Now Beth must navigate the underbelly of a city she doesn’t know, and the only one who can help her is Nick Vargas, a disgraced newspaper reporter on the trail of a dangerous and deadly cult with big plans for its annual celebration…on the Day of the Dead.