Partly good but I’m left confused at what is the point this movie is making. Is it a statement that everything is related to politics? Or is it a statement that juvenile prisons do not reform people but rather makes them career criminals?

Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi do enough justice to their roles as one might expect from them. I have not clue as to what roles the female characters had in this movie. Malavika Mohan was just to add a female presence just like Nayanthara in Bigil or Keerthy Suresh in Sarkar. And Andrea seems to be there just to make up for the pre-climax action sequence.

This was lying in my partly watched movie list in Netlflix for years. Since I was in a mood for a mindless movie, this definitely fit the bill.

When I tried to log this movie to Letterboxd, I found that I had watched this movie in 2016 . 🤦‍♀️