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Pollachi to Palaniyarpalayam

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Coimbatore to Bangalore

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Coimbatore – Rajee’s Baby Shower
Bangalore – Thompson’s Engagement

Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers from Puma

Bought a new trainer from Puma for β‚Ή 4500.00.

Well, It had a #Ferrari logo on it.

Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers (PUMA India)

Ferrari style. Ignite energy. All the speed and agility they bring together. Plus, comfortable. Heat up the track, trail or the pavement in beautiful, motorsport-sleek inspired trainers. There’s almost no place that’s not the best place to go nuts (and bolts) for these snug, grippy, reactive trainers.

Chennai to Pazhaniyarpalayam 451 km/7h 18m
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Self (VW Polo) [ πŸš— ] with πŸ›‘ at Sangiri 🍽️.

Pazhaniyarpalayam to Chennai 530 km / 8h 6m
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Self (DZire) [ πŸš— ] with πŸ›‘ at A2B, Thiruvachi β˜•, A2B, Thulukannur🍽️, and Manoj Bhavan, Madurantakamβ˜•.

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