Last night, I had told Max the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

So when he said he was feeling bored and wanted to play something. I decided to cook up a mini D&D game for him based on the previous night’s story.

What happens when you want to play a mini DnD and you don’t have the required items? You make your own new game.

Today’s game involved a Scrabble board taking the place of a dungeon or labyrinth. Upside-down tiles become loot/gold and normal tiles formed walls/traps. Theseus was represented by a fish from a fishing game and the Minotaur was a Lego construct.

The rules were simple. Each throw of a dice gets Theseus an equal number of turns whereas the Minotaur can move only one space. A roll of 4 gets Theseus 4 turns in which he can move 1 or more spaces per turn while the same nets only 4 spaces for the Minotaur. Theseus follows the Rook rule as in Chess whereas the Minotaur follows the King rule.

Max was Theseus and I played the Minotaur. It was a fun game that Max enjoyed and I tried to bring in a d20 throw also into the gameplay. Google’s throw a d20 command worked well enough for us.

Now Max will expect more such games… πŸ˜”

My FitBit strap came apart a week back. This is my second replacement band for my FitBit Ionic. Given the #covid-19 situation, getting a replacement band was tough. Most of the sellers had shut shop and no one makes bans for Ionic anymore. I saw a lot of bands for FitBit Charge and Versa though.

TASLAR Two Toned Perforated Adjustable Wristband Strap Soft Silicone Band Compatible with Fitbit Ionic (Black Gray)

A replacement band for my FitBit Ionic for β‚Ή 699.

The first impression is this strap looks rubbery. The process of tightening the strap is ridiculous. They could’ve made it a lot simpler.

TASLAR Two Toned Perforated Adjustable Wristband Strap Soft Silicone Band Compatible with Fitbit Ionic (Amazon)

【Compatible With Fitbit Ionic】 :This Wristband only fit for Ionic smart watch
【Adjustable Replacement Band 】:The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist, suitable for everyone,one size fit most
【Buckle Design】 : Aluminum buckle matches the Ionic watch case with special closure to added security
【Durable Tpu Material】 : The Ionic smartwatch bands is made of flexible, durable TPU material, comfortable to wear, bringing comfortable experience when you exercise, sleep and beyond
【Multiple Colors For Choice】 : Delighted four color bands make your smartwatch band more personalized to fit your mood and outfits in daily life

Right now, I wish #Chennai was where it was in Pangaea still… #summer

Pangaea is a supercontinent that formed on Earth about 335 million years ago and began to break up about 175 million years ago, eventually forming the familiar continents of today. Massimo Pietrobon made a map that shows where our modern country borders would appear on Pangaea.

Camlin Colour Pen Pencil with Lead Tube (Multicolour)

I got this to help in doing the fine sections of Escape to Shakespeare’s World colouring book. I bought this at Sekar Stores for β‚Ή 50. This was a blister pack with a single pen pencil with a box of 12 colour leads.

Camlin Colour Pen Pencil with Lead Tube (Multicolour)

It offers the convenience and fun of non-stop colouring with simple click mechanism
It’s ideal for your art and craft projects
It’s simple mechanism allows you to easily refill leads
It is comes in a beautiful plastic box to store all 12 colour pen pencils together safely along with 12 colour leads refill tube and Sharpener
Galactus Cometh from

Phil Sheldon and Ben Urich gain front row seats to the greatest battle the world has ever witnessed: Galactus versus The Fantastic Four. Β 

Starring AnnaSophia Robb as Marcia Hardesty; Seth Barrish as Phil Sheldon; Method Man as Ben Urich; Ryan Andes as Galactus.Β