given the current crop, it’s difficult to get a Vettel-kinda replacement as numero uno for #ferrari. Not sure if they can entice @nico_rosberg out of retirement πŸ™‚ Would be interesting if Vettel manages to out-do LeClerc at his last season.

Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers from Puma

Bought a new trainer from Puma for β‚Ή 4500.00.

Well, It had a #Ferrari logo on it.

Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers (PUMA India)

Ferrari style. Ignite energy. All the speed and agility they bring together. Plus, comfortable. Heat up the track, trail or the pavement in beautiful, motorsport-sleek inspired trainers. There’s almost no place that’s not the best place to go nuts (and bolts) for these snug, grippy, reactive trainers.

Tonight's a busy night....

Tonight’s a busy night….

And what a great night it turned out to be…

#ferrari on the first row for tomorrow at Bahrain… 🏎️

#ManU ensuring that City did not win the Premier League atleast tonight… ⚽

#CSK with a nail-biting finish and what a return to IPL…Β  🏏