March 21, 2020 โ€“ Started Reading and Finished Reading

Good in some places and average in some.

14 by Peter Clines

Padlocked doors. Strange light fixtures. Mutant cockroaches.

There are some odd things about Nateโ€™s new apartment.

Of course, he has other things on his mind. He hates his job. He has no money in the bank. No girlfriend. No plans for the future. So while his new home isnโ€™t perfect, itโ€™s livable. The rent is low, the property managers are friendly, and the odd little mysteries donโ€™t nag at him too much.

At least, not until he meets Mandy, his neighbour across the hall, and notices something unusual about her apartment. And Xelaโ€™s apartment. And Timโ€™s. And Veekโ€™s. Because every room in this old Los Angeles brownstone has a mystery or two. Mysteries that stretch back over a hundred years. Some of them are in plain sight. Some are behind locked doors. And all together these mysteries could mean the end of Nate and his friends.

Or the end of everything…

October 24, 2019 โ€“ Started Reading
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The Institute by Stephen King

In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellisโ€™s parents and load him into a black SUV. The operation takes less than two minutes. Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except thereโ€™s no window. And outside his door are other doors, behind which are other kids with special talentsโ€”telekinesis and telepathyโ€”who got to this place the same way Luke did: Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and ten-year-old Avery Dixon. They are all in Front Half. Others, Luke learns, graduated to Back Half, โ€œlike the roach motel,โ€ Kalisha says. โ€œYou check in, but you donโ€™t check out.โ€

In this most sinister of institutions, the director, Mrs. Sigsby, and her staff are ruthlessly dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts. There are no scruples here. If you go along, you get tokens for the vending machines. If you donโ€™t, punishment is brutal. As each new victim disappears to Back Half, Luke becomes more and more desperate to get out and get help. But no one has ever escaped from the Institute.

As psychically terrifying as Firestarter, and with the spectacular kid power of It, The Institute is Stephen Kingโ€™s gut-wrenchingly dramatic story of good vs. evil in a world where the good guys donโ€™t always win.