Thanks Chris for the snippet, I’ve been tweaking the CSS here and there. So I had enabled titles to be displayed for all posts to configure styling.
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An interesting method of leaving Instagram. I still read content there, but I had used dsgnwrks-instagram-importer by Justin Sternberg to rescue all of my Instagram posts back into my WordPress site

I like the Keyring Social Importer a lot than other options is that you can integrate it with Post Kinds plugin with just a couple of lines in the code ( &
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Read The escape from Instagram by Jeremy Felt ( Iโ€™ve been thinking through how to leave Facebookโ€™s Instagram service since June, when I finally deleted my central Facebook account. This should be easy, because I donโ€™t post that much on Instagram, but it always seems hard because…

I used to use Huffduffer a lot when I started listening to podcasts. But over time, I think I stopped listening to podcasts once I started listening to audiobooks on my commute and walks. Recently, i’ve started to listening to podcasts again and you can find my listens and the feed here.

Right now, I either add the listen feeds manually from my podcatcher or use an IFTTT flow to import items from my huffduffer feed to the blog.

Podcast discovery, Huffduffer, and listen feeds (BoffoSocko)

Do you have a listen feed I could subscribe to? Perhaps a Huffduffer account I should follow? How do you discover audio content online?ย