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Identifying Post Kinds in WordPress RSS Feeds

I use the Post Kinds plugin to streamline the management of the different types of posts I make on my blog, based on the IndieWeb post types list: articles, like this one, are β€œconventional” blog posts, but I also publish notes (which are analogous to β€œtweets”), reposts (β€œshares” of thin…

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Planning out the Next Generation of Post Kinds by an authoran author

I’ve been working on the Post Kinds plugin for several years now. It allows the enhancement of WordPress posts into the Indieweb types of posts.
But in the current environment, the question I keep getting asked is: When will it support Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor?
This is something of a …

I use the undocumented Tags and Featured Image fields in my setup. I notice that the field values are not saved on a post update or publish. The fields are empty after an update or a publish event.
dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds (GitHub)

adds support for responding to and interacting with other sites using the standards developed by the Indieweb Community – dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds

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Georgios Papanikolaou’s 136th Birthday #GoogleDoodle