After a couple of months of indecision, I decided to buy a new phone. I didn’t want to splurge too much nor did I want to buy a cheap phone. Several phones were considered and discarded.

And finally I decided to buy a phone other than a Motorola.

Redmi K20 Pro | The Alpha Flagship @27,999 (Xiaomi in)

Redmi K20 Pro Specifications: ✓Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855m, up to 2.84GHz ✓48MP AI triple camera ✓20MP pop-up selfie camera ✓16.2cm (6.39) Horizon AMOLED Display

I had a couple of vouchers from trends when Sophia had purchased clothes. Since it was time for me to replace a couple of worn-out linen shirts.

  1. White and Blue Linen Half-Sleeve Shirt

    A white linen shirt with blue blocked floral patterns from Crimsoune Club for ₹ 1499.00.

  2. Khaki and Green Linen Half Sleeve Shirt

    A khaki linen shirt with olive green plant patterns from Crimsoune Club for ₹ 1499.00.

After hearing about Nesamani’s head injury, I felt it was time that I upgraded my helmet.

FLYP Flip-Up Helmet from Wrangler

Bought a new helmet from Wrangler for ₹ 1500.00.

Wrangler FLYP Flip-Up Helmet
  • Flip-Up Helmet With Single Button Mechanism
  • Leather Finish
  • Use ‘PULL’ Button To Open & Close.
  • For Smooth Locking, Close The Chin Guard While Wearing The Helmet.
  • Reflectors Provided At The Back Of The Helmet For Better Conspicuity
Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers from Puma

Bought a new trainer from Puma for ₹ 4500.00.

Well, It had a #Ferrari logo on it.

Ferrari F Cat Ignite Trainers (PUMA India)

Ferrari style. Ignite energy. All the speed and agility they bring together. Plus, comfortable. Heat up the track, trail or the pavement in beautiful, motorsport-sleek inspired trainers. There’s almost no place that’s not the best place to go nuts (and bolts) for these snug, grippy, reactive trainers.

Amalfi Bleu from Skinn

Bought a new EDT from SKINN for ₹ 2195.00.

They also threw in a free toiletry bag.

Amalfi Bleu – SKINN by TITAN

Vibrant. Fresh. Intense.

As dynamic as your persona and as modern as your style, this fragrance transports you to the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast. Inspired by the fresh Mediterranean breeze blowing through the fields of aromatic herbs, this vibrant perfume is a class apart

Inspiration: Crafted in France by the Master Perfumer Jorge Fernandez. Jorge was inspired by the fresh Mediterranean breeze blowing through the fields of aromatic herbs to create this vibrant fragrance.