Chennai to Palaniyarpalayam

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🚗 Self (Swift Dzire): 555km in 9h 3m with 🚗 with 🛑 at Jude’s House @ Pollachi ☕, A2B @ Ariyanur 🚻, @ Salem Bypass 🍽️, and Manoj Bhavan @ Madhurantagam ☕.

Started later than the usual time and had to take a detour to Pollachi to drop a relative. Petrol was cheaper in Kerala and topped up the tank 😃. It was almost noon when we finally reached the Nilambur bypass outside Coimbatore. Since we had packed lunch, we did not have to stop at a restaurant for lunch. The decision to take the Thirupour route for the final stretch was a good one since there wasn’t much traffic on that route.

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I listened to this in a post-prandial stupor. It was a short book.

Steven Pressfield tackles the problem that people face when they are struggling to create something. He calls it Resistance with a capital R. It’s a combination of self-doubt, deception, fear of change and success. Resistance is a negative force that opposes any creativity and keeps us from fulfilling our dreams.

Feb 01 – 07, 2021

– Ordered food delivery for dinner after a long long while.
– As bedtime procrastination, I caught up on the latest 📺 episodes of Batwoman and The Expanse.
– Missed score 9 against Southampton.
– Completed listening to 📚 The Organised Writer by Antony Johnston
– At a quiz held during the organization’s All Hands Meet, I managed to come in 5th. Questions about Hindi movies in quizzes always trip me up. 😢
– I finally managed to show my team a demo of a chatbot for
– With Season 5 of the Expanse concluding with Nemesis Games, I think I’ll wait for the final season before I start book 6, Babylon’s Ashes.
– I started 📖 reading Economics of Small Things by Sudipta Sarangi.
– It was the last day to submit the yearly self-appraisal stuff at . Luckily, my Obsidian-based worklog helped me fill it up quickly.
– We went out shopping for silver and sarees before the weekend trip.
– A rather lazy Saturday spent watching 📺 and reading Dark One. Max’s tab is great for reading comics. 😀
Travelled to Palaniyarpalayam.

Chennai to Palaniyarpalayam

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🚗 Self (Swift Dzire): 523km in 8h 21m.

We started off early to attend Mahizko’s first birthday instead of travelling on Wednesday. This was an uneventful drive with lunch and coffee packed from home.

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As always Stephen Fry is a joy to hear. Though I have come across all of these heroes and stories, hearing them again brought back memories of reading them as comics or books. I would have liked to hear a bit more about other heroes also in addition to the famous ones that we all know about.

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What if you are the person destined to be the villain, the destroyer of the world?