September in music

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  • Total tracks: 160
  • Total unique tracks: 129
  • Song Repetition: 1.24

Top Ten Tracks

  1. The LumineersSoundtrack Song – Bonus Track (4 plays)
  2. The LumineersApril (3 plays)
  3. The LumineersDemocracy – Bonus Track (3 plays)
  4. The LumineersDonna (3 plays)
  5. The LumineersGloria (3 plays)
  6. The LumineersIt Wasn’t Easy to Be Happy for You (3 plays)
  7. The LumineersJimmy Sparks (3 plays)
  8. The LumineersLeader of the Landslide (3 plays)
  9. The LumineersLeft for Denver (3 plays)
  10. The LumineersLife in the City (3 plays)

Top Artists

  1. The Lumineers (40 plays)
  2. Ben Howard (9 plays)
  3. André Rieu (2 plays)
  4. Bon Iver (2 plays)
  5. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (2 plays)
  6. Isaac Stern (2 plays)
  7. James Bay (2 plays)
  8. Johann Sebastian Bach (2 plays)
  9. Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (2 plays)
  10. Pietro Mascagni (2 plays)

Top Albums

  1. The LumineersIII (40 plays)
  2. Ben HowardNoonday Dream (9 plays)
  3. Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyI See a Darkness (2 plays)
  4. Isaac SternIsaac Stern plays Beethoven – Sony Classical Masters (2 plays)
  5. André RieuRoman Holiday (2 plays)
  6. James BayWild Love (Acoustic) (2 plays)
  7. Tomislav Baynov111 Amazing Classical: Piano (1 plays)
  8. Tyler RamseyA Dream Of Home (1 plays)
  9. Johnny CashAmerican III: Solitary Man (1 plays)
  10. TaminoAmir (1 plays)

Data Sources

2. The Bronze Age Collapse – Mediterranean Apocalypse from Spotify

Around the year 1100 BC, a wave of destruction washed over the Eastern Mediterranean. It wiped whole civilizations off the map, and left only ash and ruin in its wake.

This catastrophe, known as “the Late Bronze Age Collapse”, has become one of the enduring puzzles of history. I want to explore how so many societies could collapse all at once, and seemingly without warning, as well as examine the lessons it might teach us in our increasingly globalised and interconnected world.


Sound engineering by Thomas Ntinas

Voice Actors:

Shem Jacobs
Jacob Rollinson
Jake Barrett-Mills
Bryan Tshiobi
Helena Bacon

Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Additional music (The Hurrian Hymn) by Michael Levy

After a couple of months of indecision, I decided to buy a new phone. I didn’t want to splurge too much nor did I want to buy a cheap phone. Several phones were considered and discarded.

And finally I decided to buy a phone other than a Motorola.

Redmi K20 Pro | The Alpha Flagship @27,999 (Xiaomi in)

Redmi K20 Pro Specifications: ✓Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855m, up to 2.84GHz ✓48MP AI triple camera ✓20MP pop-up selfie camera ✓16.2cm (6.39) Horizon AMOLED Display

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