A really cool way to share WiFi passwords… Must try to see if I can print this on an NFC tag and have the best of both worlds…
pure JS WiFi QR Code Generator

Ever wanted to create a cool QR code for your guests? But never wanted to type in your WiFi credentials into a form that submits them to a remote webserver to render the QR code? QiFi for the rescue! It will render the code in your browser, on your machine, so the WiFi stays as secure as it was before (read the code if you do not trust text on the internet :-))!

November in music

This does not include music listened to Amazon Music Desktop and Alexa as
there seems to be no way to scrobble Amazon Music data to last.fm.

  • Total tracks: 290
  • Total unique tracks: 265
  • Song Repetition: 1.09

Top Ten Tracks

  1. Billy BraggHobo’s Lullaby (2 plays)
  2. Bob DylanGirl From The North Country (With Johnny Cash) (2 plays)
  3. Eddie VedderSleepless Nights (2 plays)
  4. Glen Hansard & Markéta IrglováIf You Want Me (2 plays)
  5. Glen HansardBird of Sorrow (2 plays)
  6. Glen HansardCry Me a River (2 plays)
  7. Glen HansardDidn’t He Ramble (2 plays)
  8. Glen HansardDrive All Night (2 plays)
  9. Glen HansardFalling Slowly (2 plays)
  10. Glen HansardHigh Hope (2 plays)

Top Artists

  1. Glen Hansard (60 plays)
  2. Gregory Alan Isakov (31 plays)
  3. Hayes Carll (19 plays)
  4. Kate Rusby (13 plays)
  5. Mumford & Sons (13 plays)
  6. The Lumineers (13 plays)
  7. A.R. Rahman (10 plays)
  8. Richard Marx (9 plays)
  9. Anirudh Ravichander (7 plays)
  10. Mary Gauthier (6 plays)

Top Albums

  1. The LumineersIII (13 plays)
  2. Kate RusbyPhilosophers, Poets and Kings (13 plays)
  3. Mumford & SonsSigh No More (12 plays)
  4. Glen HansardDidn’t He Ramble (9 plays)
  5. Glen HansardMusic from the Motion Picture Once (9 plays)
  6. Glen HansardRhythm and Repose (Deluxe Edition) (9 plays)
  7. Glen HansardBetween Two Shores (8 plays)
  8. Gregory Alan IsakovEvening Machines (6 plays)
  9. Mary GauthierMercy Now (6 plays)
  10. Gregory Alan IsakovThat Sea, The Gambler (6 plays)

Data Sources

Thanks Chris for the snippet, I’ve been tweaking the CSS here and there. So I had enabled titles to be displayed for all posts to configure styling.
Chris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

An interesting method of leaving Instagram. I still read content there, but I had used dsgnwrks-instagram-importer by Justin Sternberg to rescue all of my Instagram posts back into my WordPress site

I like the Keyring Social Importer a lot than other options is that you can integrate it with Post Kinds plugin with just a couple of lines in the code (https://github.com/xavierroy/keyring-social-importers/blob/17eb04d2655ff4df41ead74d764fa9e50b9d1595/importers/keyring-importer-instagram.php#L291 & https://github.com/xavierroy/keyring-social-importers/blob/17eb04d2655ff4df41ead74d764fa9e50b9d1595/importers/keyring-importer-instagram.php#L294).
a post by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich

Read The escape from Instagram by Jeremy Felt (jeremyfelt.com) I’ve been thinking through how to leave Facebook’s Instagram service since June, when I finally deleted my central Facebook account. This should be easy, because I don’t post that much on Instagram, but it always seems hard because…