likes Support for On This Day feature
a post by David ShanskeDavid Shanske
I added a hidden feature to the Post Kinds plugin for use on my site. I haven’t figure out the best way to link to it, but if you add /onthisday/12/13, the first number being the month the second the year, it will return all posts made on that day in history. I previously added /kind/photo/2018/12...
Great idea… Currently I run a PESOS approach involving Goodreads and Zapier that is triggered whenever I mark a book as currently reading. Once the Micropub issues on my site are resolved, I think this would be a way to go for me…
Announcing indiebookclub by gRegor MorrillgRegor Morrill (
indiebookclub is an app for keeping track of the books you are reading or want to read. It is primarily intended to help you own your data by posting directly to your own site with Micropub.
Really love this idea of Manually adding a new post kind to the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress.

I’ve already enabled the following post kinds: acquisition, drink, eat, exercise, sleep and trip. Multi-kind posts is something I really want to do though it is not supported. Though I cheated a bit by enabling the Quick Edit option in the plugin and then using the The Quick Edit option in WordPress to add the additional post kind.