My name is Xavier Roy.

Family and friends call me Jax.

Xavier Roy

I'm a user assistance and user experience professional.

I live and work in Chennai.

I'm employed by Bally Technologies as a technical writer and editor.

I blog now and then and tweet frequently and just began a personal wiki, though I am still wondering what to do with it. For some time, I started an exercise in sketching.

I also write a blog on user experience and user assistance at Paper Arrow.

I read a lot of books and listen to music a lot.

Often I share bookmarks, photos, quotes, readings, podcasts, and presentations that I find interesting.

I am also available on social networks like Google+, Facebook, and orkut.

Sometimes I visit places.

Feel free to contact me.

If you are looking to hire me, you can view my resume, or download a PDF version, or view my LinkedIn profile.