Jan 11 – 17, 2021

Back home at Chennai.

  • Signed up at work to present a talk titled “Getting Things Done Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Procrastination” to my team.
  • The work week was a bit slow with a holiday for Pongal on Thursday.
  • I was featured in a weekly Genesys Spotlight that showcases interesting hobbies of employees. It featured a short video of me talking about how I do my 100 books a year reading challenge every year.
  • After logging from work on Friday, I was mentally exhausted and did not have the mindspace to go for my daily walk and this lethargy continued right through the weekend.
  • On Saturday, Max and I spent some time sorting out the games that work and those that don’t from Felix and Stefon’s set of PS2 games.
  • I played God of War for a while on the pretext of testing if the game works.
  • Max and I spent some time playing NFS:Undercover. He can beat me only if he has the Koenigsegg CCX and Nitro boost. Whenever we played Getaway, the game was over within seconds as he has the Koenigsegg and Nitro to pull far far away as the chase starts.
  • I spent the rest of the Saturday binge-watching Season 5 of The Expanse.
  • I also watched John Wick: Chapter 3 * Parabellum. This is a franchise that had lost its appeal.
  • I started reading the fifth book of the Expanse series, Nemesis Games.
  • I hoped to watch #ManUtd beat Liverpool and go 6 points clear at the top of the table. But it was rather an insipid draw.
  • On the #indieweb side, I’ve been adding the missing sleep logs, daily activity summaries, and exercise logs (as private posts).

The Last Odyssey by James Rollins
To save the world and our future, Sigma Force must embark on a dangerous odyssey into an ancient past whose horrors are all too present in this page-turning thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins that combines cutting-edge science, historical mystery, mythology, and pulse-pounding action. For eons, the city of Troy—whose legendary fall was detailed in Homer’s Iliad—was believed to be a myth, until archaeologists in the nineteenth century uncovered its ancient walls buried beneath the sands. If Troy was real, how much of Homer’s twin tales of gods and monsters, curses, and miracles—The Iliad and The Odyssey—could also be true and awaiting discovery? In the frozen tundra of Greenland, a group of modern-day researchers stumbles on a shocking find: a medieval ship buried a half-mile below the ice. The ship’s hold contains a collection of even older artifacts—tools of war—dating back to the Bronze Age. Inside the captain’s cabin is a magnificent treasure that is as priceless as it is miraculous: a clockwork gold map embedded with an intricate silver astrolabe. The mechanism was crafted by a group of Muslim inventors—the Banū Mūsā brothers—considered by many to be the Da Vincis of the Arab world—brilliant scientists who inspired Leonardo’s own work. Once activated, the moving map traces the path of Odysseus’s famous ship as it sailed away from Troy. But the route detours as the map opens to reveal a fiery river leading to a hidden realm underneath the Mediterranean Sea. It is the subterranean world of Tartarus, the Greek name for Hell. In mythology, Tartarus was where the wicked were punished and the monstrous Titans of old, imprisoned. When word of Tartarus spreads—and of the cache of miraculous weapons said to be hidden there—tensions explode in this volatile region where Turks battle Kurds, terrorists wage war, and civilians suffer untold horrors. The phantasmagoric horrors found in Homer’s tales are all too real—and could be unleashed upon the world. Whoever possesses them can use their awesome power to control the future of humanity. Now, Sigma Force must go where humans fear to tread. To prevent a tyrant from igniting a global war, they must cross the very gates of Hell.
Cover of The Lost Odyssey by James Rollins

Book 3 of
Started Reading 📖 – January 14, 2021
Finished Reading 📘 – January 14, 2021
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Some parts of it was exciting and interesting and some bit of info-dump.

The first working week of 2021

  • There were a lot of emails catching up to do and stuff to plan at work.
  • At work, we bid farewell to Balaji as he departs for a different path in his career. I would miss him as my idea-bouncing wall. 👋
  • Max has got better and from Wednesday, he has been unquarantined 🙂 and is spent the rest of the week catching up on missed television and mobile games.
  • Since the holidays began, Max and I have been reading a few pages of JL8 as bedtime reading. He has been loving it. Once this ends, I might have find another way to get him to read a bit before sleep.
  • Wednesday was the eight anniversary of Mom’s passing away. I got to spend some time at her grave wondering about how things might have been if she was still with us. 😢
  • Tenet was a nice movie that I finally caught up with. I would definitely try to watch it in the theatres if they have a show.
  • As part of own-your-data, I’ve now got sleep posts working as private posts via IFTTT/micropub. Check-ins via Swarm are also available as private posts. I’ll be adding exercise (again as private posts) next week.
  • And you can now search for emojis in search like this: 🦸‍♀️
  • I still haven’t found the time to write the 2020 Review posts.
  • The first trip got underway on Saturday with the return to Chennai.